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Dubai - the city of possibilities


Why Dubai is the city of possibilities

  • 0% personal income tax
  • Year-round sunshine
  • Buy property, residential, tax-free
  • The shopping capital of the Middle East
  • One of the highest gross rental yields in the world (with an average of 7.4%)
  • Officially an Islamic country, but Dubai is tolerant and respectful of other religions
  • One of the world's safest cities
  • 1/3 of the world's population is within four hours' flying time
  • 92% of the multicultural population are expats
  • Demand for off-plan properties is blooming* (according to source - Dubai Land Department)
  • AED 285 billion invested in Dubai property in 2017
  • One of the world's fastest-growing cities, increasing at 10.7% annually
  • Politically stable, thriving economy
  • Average 7-8% capital appreciation for property (source -
  • The first city in the Middle East to host a World Expo, Dubai expects 25 million visits in 2020)

Momen Bhuyan


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Office 502B, Prime Business Centre Jumeirah village circle 784 Dubai
+971 55 583 50